Nature promotes healing. Community inspires courage. Transformation through grief is possible.
We are here to help you believe life can be beautiful again.

Our Mission

Camberwell Grief Sanctuary, created and established by a community of those who have experienced profound loss, is a strong and compassionate solution to grief issues.  For those who have experienced loss of child, sibling or spouse, or been affected by suicide, homicide, divorce or loss of job or pet, Camberwell provides hope, healing and transformation.

Camberwell Grief Sanctuary provides a safe environment, surrounded by nature, where transformation through grief is made possible with the support of a professional and peer community who understand loss and offer help, hope, and healing to the grieving and brokenhearted

Our Inspiration & Story

Butterflies have come to represent the beauty of hope and transformation. The Camberwell Beauty Butterfly, or Mourning Cloak, inspired the name for the grief sanctuary. The blue and gold of the butterfly’s wings represent the stunning blue eyes and blonde hair of Kaytryn Dianna Parrish (1992-2012). She is the daughter of CGS co-founders, Mark and Kelly Parrish, and she is the reason Camberwell Grief Sanctuary exists. Nineteen-year-old Kaytryn passed away in a tragic automobile accident in 2012. After experiencing their own grief struggle, Mark and Kelly dreamt of creating a place where grievers could feel understood, supported, and safe. So, Camberwell was founded in 2019. 

The Sanctuary is situated on 19 beautiful acres that bring a sense of calm and allow space to breathe deeply. We believe nature is  beautiful and therapeutic. You’re safe here to take a walk through the trails, sit in a quiet place surrounded by trees, listen to the birds sing, or watch the butterflies dance.  At Camberwell, Kaytryn’s legacy of loving and helping others lives on. We are here to help you believe life can be beautiful again.

Our Board of Directors

Dr. Jeff Bumpous

Sam Cook – Board Vice Chair

Allen Corbin

Doug Davis

Michelle Heit

James A. (Ja) Hillebrand

Thad Keal

Traci McCartney

Mark Parrish

Mark Stewart

Jacqui Brangers Wandling – Board Treasurer

Derwin Webb

Jessica Wood – Board Chair

Your generous donations will help us provide hope and healing to the brokenhearted.